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Dernière mise à jour : 24 janv. 2021

Being an artist is no easy path. You spend your first years struggling in appreciating what you make because you take forever to discover your style. You start art school with teachers saying that just one or perhaps none of us would live from our art. You have your own personal inner battles, because you're an artist. You don't finish art school but you still get taught by art. You work as whatever to make ends meet. You have fewer creative windows.

But you still see art. You still make art. You still grow through art. You definitely still enjoy that moment away from reality where colours, shapes, movements and emotions speak louder than words or sentences.

Then to be a modern artist you need to sell. You need to grab what you have for marketing skills because this is capitalism. You need to show off. To be a moderner artist you need to get a good understanding of social media. This requires you to visit your inner narcissist, your inner photographer and be consistent.


Consistency... Pfff, you're what's left of your inner artist. Yet, you're your own kind of artist. You've laid out your own kind of path and it makes you a special artist with greatly sought inspirations.

Fuck how it's supposed to be done. Focus on what it really feels like. Art is that soft relief from chaos.

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